Art, food and inspirations by Rianne Glorius

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Super Sweet Sixteen

"Mom… MOM!" yelled Anne. "Where are my new shoes?" In a hurry she ran down the stairs, into the living room where she laid down on her belly to look under the couch. Nothing. She had never worn the shoes and they were already gone.

"Aren’t they in your closet, with the rest of the shoes?" said her mom from the kitchen. 

"No mom, I looked there a dozen times already." What a disaster.  Her hair was already done. The hairdresser spend over two hours to make it perfect. Her long blonde curls were high on her head with a lot of hairspray. She had also put on her slightly too small dress and zipped it up with a lot of effort and help from her mother. The make-up artist put on her make-up extra thick and gave her glittery eye shadow. She looked festive from head to toe, except for her shoes.

The shoes were the most important part of her outfit. Her dad spend three thousand dollar on them. His little girl was worth it. Today she turned sixteen. She was having a huge sweet sixteen party in the Plaza hotel in the center of the city.

The hotel was rented for her alone and only the coolest people were invited. The party was all that every one talked about. The coolest bands and DJ’s were performing, she had a gigantic cake shaped like her pony, Snow White, there was a chocolate fountain, a life size ice sculpture of herself and food, a lot of food.

No doubt about it that people who weren’t invited would try to come in. But she hired a small army of security for that. The invitation alone was amazing. It was a picture of herself taken by a glamour photographer. Everyone wants a picture of her.

But all that aside, how could she show up at her own party without those shoes? Her life would be over. Everyone would laugh at her if she didn’t show up in the shoes that she had been bragging about for weeks. An Italian designer made them specially for her. They were blue pumps with sky high heels and a sparkling rock on the nose. Anne flew all the way to Rome with her father to pick them up. She HAD to have those shoes NOW. The party started in thirty minutes and in an hour, the limousine would come pick her up.

On bare feet, Anne ran through the villa. She looked in every room and in every closet. The entire house was looking for her shoes, even the cook. Anne started to panic. “Where the hell are they?”she shouted. Tears ran down her face. The make-up artist ran behind her to try and fix her messed up face.

"My party is ruined," Anna cried. She ran to her room, slammed the door and fell face first on her bed where turned her pillow black from mascara.

Her bedroom door opened softly. Anne’s five year old sister Lisa came in.
"Amma, am I pretty?" Anne looked up. Lisa painted her lips red, wore a pink feather boa, a –way too big on her- glittery dress. And at her feet were Anne’s very expensive shoes.

Anne’s eyes caught fire. “LISA!” she screamed. She jumped up from the bed and grabbed a pair of scissors from her desk.


While Anne was sitting in the limousine with her friends, she rubbed off some red splashes from her shoes.

"What are you doing?" asked her friend Amy.

"Oh nothing really. This is going to be the party of the century!"
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The Peaman

"I know what beauty is",
said the man who knew what beauty is.
The name of man who knew what beauty is, was Jan.
Jan was a craftsman.
A craftsman who knew what he was doing.
Many people came to him to ask for advise. He critiqued their work and told them what could be better.
He was very well appreciated.

Jan had a beautiful wife.
"I am not beautiful",
said Jan’s wife who didn’t know that she was beautiful.
The name of the woman who didn’t know that she was beautiful, was Nel.
Nel loved Jan very much.
She would give him everything.
But she had nothing.
Nothing but her extraordinary cooking skills.
Every evening she did her best to make the most delicious dishes for Jan with the little means that she had.
Jan loved the meals that Nel cooked him.
He enjoyed his meal, but he did not let her know.
Nel was disappointed, but she did not let him know.

One day the people in the city of Den Bosch decided to build a church that was more beautiful then all the others.
It wasn’t a surprise that they asked Jan to supervise it.
Jan got paid more then he had ever had, a bronze nickle!
Now he could dine with wine, pheasant and dear meat, like the nobles!

On that same day Nel, who knew of nothing, decided that this would be the last time that she cooked Jan a meal if he didn’t appreceate it.
With the last cents that she could find, she bought the greasiest bacon and the biggest pea’s/
All day long she worked on the pea soup that would be better then ever before.

That evening when Jan was done with his work, he walked home feeling really hungry. He thought of what all he could eat with his bronze nickle.
He came home and saw his wife cooking.
He lifted the lid of the pot and got furious when he saw what it was!
"What?! Are you making bacon and pea’s? That is disgusting! Especially for a man who can earn a bronze nickle!"
And with a wild gesture he kicked over the pot.

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