Art, food and inspirations by Rianne Glorius

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“I’ll tell you my secrets,” whispered the girl to the moth.
The moth flirted softly and tensed her antennae. 
Soft vibrations from whispering secrets filled the moth with pleasure. Tingling words crawled up her wings and her legs.
The girl whispered about beauty and shame, vulnerable and uneasy. 

With every word the moth trembles with delight.
Stronger vibrations after every word.
Wings flutter in frays.
Ladders on each side.
Soft hairs shoot away.
The girl has only one word left. She hesitated for a moment, as if she questioned herself.
The moth shook of desire for that one word.


And the moth erupted.

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For you, I would do anything

"For you, I would do anything, 
For you, I would do anything.”
So spoke the fish to the heron.
The heron, flattered but confused, put her head into the water to take a better look at her admirer.
"Oh my dearest, tell me what I can do to win your love," continued the fish.
The fish was blinded by the length of her legs, her feathers of silver gray and her beak, so deadly but o so beautiful.
"Dear fish, your home is in the water, my home is in the sky, how could we ever be together?"
"I will find a way, I promise, if it is the last thing I will do."
The heron flew up. “If you can do that, I shall be yours.”
The fish looked at her silver grey feathers dissolving into the sky. That same sky that kept him of being with his love.

He was sad but hopeful.
She was flattered but confused.
He thought, if I want it bad enough, it will happen.
She though, no matter how bad he wants it, it will not happen.

The next day the heron returned to be worshiped.
The fish, still blinded by love, complimented her again.
But when she asked if he found a way yet, he could not but deny.
It was better that way, thought the heron, but did not let the fish know that.

Day after day the heron came back to be admired.
The fish never lost hope.
The heron knew he would never do it.
Years went past.
The heron got older
The fish got older.
The heron was sure, it was better this way.
The fish was sure, tomorrow I will find a way.
The fish was right.

The heron landed at the fish his pool again, addicted to the attention.
The fish had a surprise, he pulled it off.
"My sweet heron," he said, "I found a way! This night I grew wings, wings of silver gray fins. Now we can live together in the sky."
And he jumped out of the water and flew to the clouds.
The heron did not know what she saw. Never she had though that she had to be his.
"Come fly with me!" called the fish out from the sky.
The heron did what was asked of her. She had made a promise.

That entire day they flew together, until the sun was traded for the black night.
"Oh my darling, kiss me now," said the fish who was not only blinded by love now but also by happiness.
The heron did what was asked.
She spread her beak.

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Shame, warm shame
Filled her body up to her navel.

When she was ready to bathe in it,
She opened her mouth

"I see you, you are different."

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Eve walked through
the relish of monotonous suits.
Her eyes closed.

Yet she could still see.
Everything the same.
Was that really so?

When she looked down,
at her own body,
she saw nothing.
Her eyes were closed.

I am a suit,
Eva thought.
I am not a suit
Eva thought.

Am I beautiful?
Am I ugly?

"Adam," Eve asked,
"Am I beautiful?
Am I ugly?
Tell me.

"You are beautiful,"
said Adam.
"You are lying,"
said Eve. 

But I am different
I know I am,
even though I do not see.

I am not a suit
I am not a suit
I am not a suit
I am not a suit

I am Eve!
(worship me)
(detest me)

I want to worship me
I want to detest me
I want to see me
I want to know me

I am not a suit
I am not a suit
I am not a suit
I am not a suit

Eve looked at the apples.
It was all she could see.

"An apple opens the eyes,"
A voice whispered.
"What is there to see, you don’t want to see," 
An other voice whispered.
"You are ugly. Trust me."

Eva thought.
Better to be ugly,
Then be a suit.

Seven apples

She picked from the tree.
But did not eat.

"I am Eve!"
Yelled Eve.
"I’ll bake an apple pie.
Every one has to see.”
Worship me
Detest me.

Recipe for Eve’s apple pie
For the dough:
2 cups of all purpose flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
2/3 cups of sugar
1 pinch of salt
7 ounce of hard butter
1 large egg
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
For the filling:
6  forbidden fruits
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
3 tablespoons of sugar
If wanted a hand full of raisins and/or nuts
Here’s how you make it:
Mix the flour, baking powder, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt together. Cut up the butter into small bits and add it and the egg to the mixture. Mix it with cold hands to a coherent ball. Set it aside on a cool place to rest.
In the meanwhile, peel, de-core and slice the fruit in small slices. Add the lemon, cinnamon, sugar and raisins or nuts if desired. 
Get the dough out, take about a fourth of it, and set it away. Flatten the dough and push it into the buttered pie shape. Add the apple filling. Take the last bit of dough and add four tablespoons of flour and two of sugar. Mix it up until you get crumbles. Add it on top of the apples. Put the pie in a pre-heated oven at 320F or 160C. Let it bake for an hour until its golden brown. Let the pie cool down in the shape.

Eve opened her eyes
and saw that she was

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